Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I done got rained on ;- ;

So yea, went running yesterday and was off from work.  Since moving the treadmill to work when I am off I am forced to run outside come rain or shine.  Well yesterday it decided to rain.. a lot.  Was already 3miles into the run and about a mile away from the house when it started to down poor.  I got drenched and hope I don't get sick as a result.  All in all, feels good man.  Rain was nice when I was super hot and sweaty from running.  Would have posted about this last night when it was fresher in my mind, but I ended up going out for some 'epic' play time.  Hooked up with a couple for some relatively kinky sex >.>  Hopefully, it'll become a more casual thing as I really did enjoy it.  They had a bin, no joke, a bin of sex toys.. and rope :X  Maybe next time I'll get pictures taken to share with you my giblets, but at this time I have no so pictures to share (aside from the daily's from working out; speaking of which, pics to follow).

[Also, pic of me before going out last night :X]

Sunday, September 26, 2010


So last night I decided some how that it would be a good idea to eat meatballs in teriyaki sauce at 10:30pm while watching Daria in bed.  Well, I get it out of the microwave, the bowl is a bit hot, but I think nothing of it as I carry it with some napkins to bed.  Only did I realize how terrible an idea this was when I laid down in bed and put the meatballs in my lap.  Spilt teriyaki sauce all over my lap, scalding it, and making a mess of my bed spread.  Had to wash my sheets..  Was less then thrilled.  Suppose that's just what I get for breaking the diet.  Karma is cruel like that ;- ;  At any rate, today went much better.  Didn't break the diet, ran a little extra as well as did a little extra resistance training.  Was a good day all in all.  Made poppy seed chicken for dinner.  I figured it would be ok to eat.  I just tried to maintain some sense of portion control.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time Sink :X

Bitches don't know about mine... well, alright I'll admit if you've been following along you'll have come to realize that I've taken on a great quest.  This quest has been interrupted however by a sort of mini-game.  Well, ok.. rather large one.. and a huge time sink at that.  The name of said game is Final Fantasy XIV.

Meet Malina.. my other life and time sink..

Been playing since Thursday and loving every second of it.  I still haven't forgotten about my rigorous workout routine though and continue to do so.  Just at night I've been wrapped up playing and forgotten about posting.  So sorry my giblets..  At any rate, pics of my progress from the past three days.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I hate waiting ;- ;

So yea, Final Fantasy XIV came out today and my copy came in the mail.  Sadly I am at work and will be unable to begin playing until tomorrow.  Bit of a disappointment, but having waited this long I believe one more day will not kill me, but will feel extremely long.
Also to note, my glasses broke today.  I was less then excited.  Luckily I have contacts to wear in case such a thing happens (I know, I'm lame and wear my contacts as my back up><).  I usually prefer my glasses as I like how I look with them. Plus, I tend to fall asleep and forget to take my contacts out which is really bad for my eyes so I'm told.  Hence, hate wearing them and think they are a bit of a nuisance.  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to go get a new pair of glasses.  The reason they broke I think is from working out whilst wearing a head band that is a bit snug as it sat right on the side pieces slightly (I'm an idiot and am having a hard time describing it).  So yea, double disappointment today.
I tried not to over eat today, but still feel excessively full.  Ate some blackberries for breakfast around 6am, then a peach around 9am.  Lunch (at around 12:30pm)was a piece of chicken that I had marinated in teriyaki sauce and baked.  I also ate 3 Swedish meatballs (they were small and so good) around 1:30pm.  Dinner was a pear and a turkey bratwurst that I had grilled (didn't have any seasoning on it or anything, was kinda bland).  I don't think I did too terribly with eating.  I regret eating the meatballs, but that was my only falter I suppose.  I made brownies today... marble fudge cake brownies :Q______.  They looked so good and as much as I love sweets it took every inch of my will power not to.  I tried giving as many away to people that visited throughout the day.

As always, pictures to follow (along with some bonuses in the form of me with no glasses and my brownies)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lazy Days

So, was busy with work Sunday, and then Monday I was off from work.  So I did a few things on my day off.  Fapped..  fapped.. then went out to run errands.  Afterwards I came home and had enough time to run, eat some salad, and then shower as I went out for some sexy time.  It was an amazing night.  Was pounded for a good two hours <.<  At any rate, pics as followed from Sunday and today.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rainforest Expedition!

Went to the Rainforest Cafe yesterday and decided to take a break as it was kinda tiring lugging everyone around to drive all the way up there.  Didn't work out, but didn't break from the diet too terrible.  Though I did have fish tacos which were delicious.  At any rate, right back to the grind today.  Pics to follow.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another day another meal...

that I don't get to eat, regardless of how delicious it looks ;- ;

Been doing well with sticking to the plan, but things do tend to get difficult.  My biggest problem is that it's my boss's birthday so we're all going out to eat.  We're going to the Rainforest Cafe and even though I've been searching online I can't seem to find nutritional information for the place (least not on their website).  I've found some sites that have some, but none of what they list seem enticing.  My decision for tomorrow is probably to stick with salad (can't really go wrong there so long as you don't get any dressing or croutons or what not).  I was thinking about fajitas as well, but that can also kill the diet pretty hard.  It might just mean working out a little bit extra tomorrow.  I figure so long as I don't over eat I should be fine (portion control is key here).  I also figure that it's not the end of the world to break the diet for one day as long as I don't go overboard.  I suppose we'll see what tomorrow brings.  We may not even go if the weather is poor.  Pics from today as always.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Delicious food :X

Delicious food why must you taunt me so ;- ;  Dieting sucks people..  It does so.. but it helps so much with losing weight.  At work I make all this delicious food to eat and get to eat little to none of it (aside from a tasting to see if it is ok to serve).  Progress is my motivation to stay on track at this point.  That and coffee to suppress my appetite a bit so I don't over eat.  It helps me eat what is required rather then all I want.  Normally I have the appetite of a food competitor.  Yes, I can eat a ton, but having some self control is oh so important in dieting as well as life in general.  I'm gradually working at this and making significant strides.  Pics from today to follow

Bonus picture time!  Is what I made for dinner tonight.  Bacon wrapped porch chops with cheddar cheese and home made macaroni and cheese.  It looked so good (and from what I tasted, it was ah-may-zing).  Shame I only got to taste and not eat it all ;- ;

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It continues :X

Our hero's journey continues.  So the kids at work left.  Now I am there by myself for the most part aside from the occasional visitors.  This seemed like a massive problem for our hero to overcome!  A vast!  Our hero fears no challenge too mighty.  After some discussion with my boss and parents I was able to move my treadmill from home to work.  Now I can continue my daily workout routine whilst still at work without fear.  As always, pics from my daily work outs.  First was day 14 followed by day 15.

Bonus time!  One of me in pj's ready for bed >.>

Sunday, September 12, 2010

lucky 13

Things are going well so far.  Enjoying working out.  Kinda getting tired of blogging daily as I'm running out of things to say.  One thing I will say though is that I need new plugs for my ears.  The ones I have are a bit too heavy and bounce up and down a lot.  They tend to knock out my headphones.  I'm thinking tomorrow I'll pick up some silicone earskin ones.  They should be a lot better for running

Saturday, September 11, 2010

dozen days

It seems it getting somewhat easier with each day to continue working out, at least from a motivational standpoint.  I used to be incredibly lazy and find a chore to exercise, but at this point if I don't work out I feel incredibly guilty and disappointed with myself.  The new route for running has also been both a blessing and a curse.  I really love the scenery throughout the run, yet I find it rather daunting as it is so long.  All in all, things are going well.

Mood: positive.

Friday, September 10, 2010

l'shova tova

Well, sort of...  I know I know, one I'm not actually Jewish, and two, I'm a day late, but I'm using it as my excuse as to why I didn't post yesterday.  I did still work out, the problem was that I ended up eating out twice (once was when I went to Ruby Tuesdays and the other was Subway).  All in all it's been going well.  I just have to avoid going out to dinner with friends too often as when I do I tend to not eat all that well and break my diet.  So, pics from yesterday (also, as requested they are shirtless):

As for today things went incredibly well.  I found a new app for my phone that tracks my running (note: today I'm at work so I went running outside).  It was a perfect day for it as well.  It was neither scathingly hot nor too humid.  It was a bit cloudy and there was this amazing breeze that made the run enjoyable.  Ended up running a little bit more then 6 miles.  Without further a due, pics from today: