Monday, September 6, 2010

Alright, big update day seeing as I missed out on Sunday's events.  To start, yes still going strong, still living the dream (as it were >.>).  The reaso for lack of an update on Sunday was that on Sunday night I ended up going out... with a boy.. a cute one.. and spent the night.  Good times good times.  Avast, this is not reason for me to neglect you, my giblets.  That being said, first set of pictures are from Sunday's progress.  I was at work, background reflects such.  Also I took a few pictures during my run to show you guys what I see as I run at work, which at work I generally end up running a bit more then usual as the view it so nice it helps to motivate me to keep going.  I tend to run down by the water going towards the beach and it really helps calm me down.  It's the one thing I look forward to with my daily runs.  At home I run on the treadmill and even though it is a lot more consistent of a work out (know what my pace is throughout the run, know exactly how long and how far I run for) it bores me so.  So yes picture time:

Now then, on to today's progress.  Today I was off from work which meant running at home..  Lame, I know.  Fear not, I do have a bonus picture to show how hard I work out each day (yes I do sweat a lot).  Not only that, but I meet a new foe (a challenger appears?! what?!).  Yes, Starbucks.  How delicious thou are.  Having spent the night out, we stopped for breakfast this morning at said cafe.  Delicious as it were, the calories from said food were immense.  Upon arriving home and checking I realized that it was damn near my whole days worth just for a sandwich and some coffee.  Never again...  never again.  My biggest problem seems to be dieting.  Trying not to over eat proves to be excessively difficult (especially having given up smoking I find that I'm constantly hungry).  Hopefully, this will not impede progress.  Oh and before I forget, today's pictures: