Sunday, September 26, 2010


So last night I decided some how that it would be a good idea to eat meatballs in teriyaki sauce at 10:30pm while watching Daria in bed.  Well, I get it out of the microwave, the bowl is a bit hot, but I think nothing of it as I carry it with some napkins to bed.  Only did I realize how terrible an idea this was when I laid down in bed and put the meatballs in my lap.  Spilt teriyaki sauce all over my lap, scalding it, and making a mess of my bed spread.  Had to wash my sheets..  Was less then thrilled.  Suppose that's just what I get for breaking the diet.  Karma is cruel like that ;- ;  At any rate, today went much better.  Didn't break the diet, ran a little extra as well as did a little extra resistance training.  Was a good day all in all.  Made poppy seed chicken for dinner.  I figured it would be ok to eat.  I just tried to maintain some sense of portion control.

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  1. >: I hate spilling stuff on my bed. I've never really followed a diet... But I should