Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I hate waiting ;- ;

So yea, Final Fantasy XIV came out today and my copy came in the mail.  Sadly I am at work and will be unable to begin playing until tomorrow.  Bit of a disappointment, but having waited this long I believe one more day will not kill me, but will feel extremely long.
Also to note, my glasses broke today.  I was less then excited.  Luckily I have contacts to wear in case such a thing happens (I know, I'm lame and wear my contacts as my back up><).  I usually prefer my glasses as I like how I look with them. Plus, I tend to fall asleep and forget to take my contacts out which is really bad for my eyes so I'm told.  Hence, hate wearing them and think they are a bit of a nuisance.  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to go get a new pair of glasses.  The reason they broke I think is from working out whilst wearing a head band that is a bit snug as it sat right on the side pieces slightly (I'm an idiot and am having a hard time describing it).  So yea, double disappointment today.
I tried not to over eat today, but still feel excessively full.  Ate some blackberries for breakfast around 6am, then a peach around 9am.  Lunch (at around 12:30pm)was a piece of chicken that I had marinated in teriyaki sauce and baked.  I also ate 3 Swedish meatballs (they were small and so good) around 1:30pm.  Dinner was a pear and a turkey bratwurst that I had grilled (didn't have any seasoning on it or anything, was kinda bland).  I don't think I did too terribly with eating.  I regret eating the meatballs, but that was my only falter I suppose.  I made brownies today... marble fudge cake brownies :Q______.  They looked so good and as much as I love sweets it took every inch of my will power not to.  I tried giving as many away to people that visited throughout the day.

As always, pictures to follow (along with some bonuses in the form of me with no glasses and my brownies)


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