Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I done got rained on ;- ;

So yea, went running yesterday and was off from work.  Since moving the treadmill to work when I am off I am forced to run outside come rain or shine.  Well yesterday it decided to rain.. a lot.  Was already 3miles into the run and about a mile away from the house when it started to down poor.  I got drenched and hope I don't get sick as a result.  All in all, feels good man.  Rain was nice when I was super hot and sweaty from running.  Would have posted about this last night when it was fresher in my mind, but I ended up going out for some 'epic' play time.  Hooked up with a couple for some relatively kinky sex >.>  Hopefully, it'll become a more casual thing as I really did enjoy it.  They had a bin, no joke, a bin of sex toys.. and rope :X  Maybe next time I'll get pictures taken to share with you my giblets, but at this time I have no so pictures to share (aside from the daily's from working out; speaking of which, pics to follow).

[Also, pic of me before going out last night :X]

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