Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Delicious food :X

Delicious food why must you taunt me so ;- ;  Dieting sucks people..  It does so.. but it helps so much with losing weight.  At work I make all this delicious food to eat and get to eat little to none of it (aside from a tasting to see if it is ok to serve).  Progress is my motivation to stay on track at this point.  That and coffee to suppress my appetite a bit so I don't over eat.  It helps me eat what is required rather then all I want.  Normally I have the appetite of a food competitor.  Yes, I can eat a ton, but having some self control is oh so important in dieting as well as life in general.  I'm gradually working at this and making significant strides.  Pics from today to follow

Bonus picture time!  Is what I made for dinner tonight.  Bacon wrapped porch chops with cheddar cheese and home made macaroni and cheese.  It looked so good (and from what I tasted, it was ah-may-zing).  Shame I only got to taste and not eat it all ;- ;

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